“Cynthya is a Light Worker,

and her passion is
for World Peace.”

” This will be possible, when the power of LOVE
exceeds the love of power.”

As a Light Worker, I have been inquisitive and attached to the Metaphysical Realm since my earliest memories.

Streaming from a long line of gypsies, seers, healers and loving parents I have evolved always knowing that there is more to this world.

” Mother Earth is unwell, she needs our healing energy. By uniting the universal energy of oneness, we can channel healing and nourishment back into her.
A thanks for all she has provided to us.”

I am very dedicated
 and focused on
 Healing Mother Earth.

I organise Spiritual Retreats, Spiritual tours to Egypt, facilitate workshops focusing on Spiritual Growth.

I am a certified advanced Angel Intuitive (Doreen Virtue), Crystal Worker (Rachelle Shaman), and practitioner in Etheric Soul Healing and Self Sabotage (Les Dyer). and Master NLP Practitioner (George Faddoul & Nick LeForce)
Trained Biological Decoder with Enrique Bouron 2015, Immersion into the DNA field with Dr Todd, studying towards a diploma in counselling with Australian Institute of Professional Councillors.
2016 sees me completing Training with Dr Joe Dispenza in September, author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

I facilitate sacred healings, “Channelling that which is for the highest good of my client, and I work with all beings in the LIGHT.”

I call my treatments “sacred”, and trusts
completely in spirit who work through me.

” God is my source, whatever and whomever is
brought in comes through my body.”


I am available for Guidance and Advice Sessions globally.
Contact Cynthya to Setup a Time

Price: $100.00

I have released 2 Meditation CD’s,
one being “Healing Mother Earth”,
and the other called “Gaia Sings”.

I co-ordinate the local annual Health and Lifestyle Expo at Cape Hillsborough.
CLICK HERE for more info.

I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers in this life and has attended many workshops.

In my spare time I am a loving wife, mother, nurse and friend to many.

A Bit of Family History :-
My Paternal grandmother used to have weekly circles, which I have fond infant memories of, tealeaf readings and the like. They just called it morning tea.

My Maternal great grandmother was a Romany Gypsy – she still keeps an eye on me, and tells me who to “play with” and scats the others away with her broom !    Stop laughing, its true.

“Cynthya is very dedicated
and focused on
Healing Mother Earth.”

Pohutakawa Tree
That is Cynthya standing beneath the tree.
Look closely between the legs.
This tree told me he is more
than 1000 of our years !



Turtle Journey – Synchronicity & The Universe
Available NOW

This story is about one of the journeys that Stella experiences incarnated here on planet Earth, her family, the paths she walks and the people she meets along the way.

To read more, Click Here

Currently working on 3 sequels to this novel
“Crystals in the Wall” – available soon
… followed soon after with “At One With My Soul”
… watch this space for the final exciting installment !


Awakening-The-Sleeper-WithinAwakening The Sleeper Within
Available NOW!
Currently working on 3 sequels to Turtle Journey plus a set of Gaia magic Oracle cards.

The long awaited sequel to
“Turtle Journey”

coming soon from Balboa Press.


Leichardt Tree



Serendipity pure Egyptian Chakra Oils

Essential, exotic, exquisite pure Egyptian Chakra oil.
Discover why the Ancient Ones had close communication with the gods.
Amazing healing and growth has resulted from these exquisite fragrances.
14 exotic oils, encompassing our 7 physical chakras and 7 for our chakras in other dimensions:

1 * Red Amber…Ground or base , our connection to planet Earth.
2 * Musk…Naval or sacral…our centre of power.
3 * Yasmin…Solar plexus our centre of I AM.
4 * Rose..(master oil) Heart …our centre of love.
5 * Amber-Cashmere.. Throat…express our thoughts and feelings.
6 * Sandalwood..Third eye…maturity.
7 * Lotus Flower..Crown To be able to communicate on a higher level
8 * Papyrus…Higher self. Connect human and universe..
9 * Myhhr…Spirit, protection.
10 * Nile Flower align with Mother Earth
11 * Frankincense receive guidance by Light Spirits
12 * Golden from other sources
13 * Carnation Spice..higher vibrational level
14 * Flower of Saqqara…Crystalline Energy perfect!
15 * Lavendar Oil… for self Love.
16 * Vanilla Oil… for Feel good.
17 * Key of Life… Unlocks doors.
18 * Trinity… for Soul Unity.

New oils in transit from Cairo !!
More exquisite fragrances added to the collection.

CLICK HERE for Oils  (more details)

Bottles are $35.00 each – Wholesale enquiries are very welcome.

Rare Pink Dolphin


13th August 2017

Last years 2016 event was a fantastic day with bigger attendance than before.

The Health and Lifestyle Expo was born in 2003 and has run annually since then.

It is all about getting a range of alternative therapies, wares and crafts together so that people can come and see what is around and have the opportunity to experience different modalities of lifestyles and healings all in the one place, in a relaxed garden setting.

Entrance is free, and we have a minimal charge for stall holders.

We have entertainment and workshops throughout the day, and a range of food is available, or people can bring their own picnic lunch.

We are so grateful of all the gardens at the Teahouse, as we get bigger we have plenty of space to expand.

The Old Station Teahouse, which is what
the gardens have been built around

The Guardians at Cape Hillsborough  (one of my favourite places)