Experience this land from my heart.
21 days $6.500 USD

Egypt 2018 – My 8th sacred journey to this homeland from another life.
Gathering from around the globe in January/February 2018 to begin our 21 day tour firstly with a visit to the Cairo Museum.

A country steeped in ancient wisdom and knowledge, we begin in St Catherine, the historical town where God revealed the ‘Burning Bush’ and the ’10 commandments’ to Moses, with an optional visit to the top of the mountain for sunrise.

Tracking through this land we will visit and stay in the White Desert and Valley of the Whales, both sites 40 million years of age and World Heritage areas.

The Temples, we visit Dendara, Abydos, Karnak, Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Isis, we will be staying on Hesa Island, home to a Nubian family close to Philae.

Of course we have private time at the last ancient wonder of our planet, Giza pyramid and the Sphinx, visiting Dashour (bent) pyramid and Saqqara (step) pyrmid. Here you can feel the energy portal linking us to the stars.

We will visit the Museum, carpet, alabasta, papyrus and oil palaces, we will sail on the Nile, visit the markets and more.

Airfare ex Cairo, Visa’s, Insurance, Lunches and tipping extra.

We will be escorted by our  Egyptologist tour guide Yasser.

This year visiting the distant town of Siwa, the temple of Arkenatum and the tomb of Osiris, as well as all the popular destinations.

This sacred ascension tour remains at $6.500 USD inclusive of all private excursions…. Sphinx…. Sehkmet…. Hesa Island. … White Desert

For bookings and enquiries contact Cynthya 0428 729 315


Please enjoy the photo slideshow of Egypt: