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Turtle Journey – Synchronicity & The Universe
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This story is about one of the journeys that Stella experiences incarnated here on planet Earth, her family, the paths she walks and the people she meets along the way.

About reawakening to the interconnectedness throughout the dimensions. Her realization of ALL that is embodied within each and every Human Being.

Understanding the weave of her own Sacred Journey and sharing how each intricate thread synapses with the other to become part of the whole.

Recognising the existence of larger families that are much greater than mere words can do justice to, and in having said that, sharing her story, or one strand of this incarnations weave with you all.

For those of you already awake, I hope you enjoy the journey, for those of you awakening, may this journey assist you along your path.

For those of you still sleeping, enjoy and may you awaken soon, so that you can really enjoy and understand the Dreamtime and join in on the carpet of life.

May we all honour our creator as we advance along our own Divine pathway as set out when we were created.

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Awakening the Sleeper Within is Cynthya’s second book.

It was created following the repetitive feedback from her first book ‘Turtle Journey, Synchronicity and the Universe’.

“Loved the story but thought you were sharing how to know the connection you have with spirit.”

This book is a step by step guide of reawakening to the multidimensional reality that we are all born with. That somehow becomes confused in this life as we are programmed to experience the world and rely on the single linear dimension, where we live, work, focus and breath.

Compiled in two parts, part one – healing of the human part of us. Part two – so we can remember our sacred wisdom and grow back into our full conscious awareness.

Explaining the interconnected network of all communication and how it flows as she understands, with the chakras of our soul, Gaia and our human self, aligning with our four bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual in a simplistic language.

Awakening The Sleeper Within
Buy from Amazon (Paperback Book) – Click Here

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The long awaited sequel to
“Turtle Journey”

coming soon from Balboa Press.

here’s a preview of what’s inside :-


Stella returned to work following her first ‘tour’ of Egypt wondering if much would have changed in the five weeks she had been away. As she walked through the open access area heading towards the lunch room Celeste walked past her and as she did, she gestured to the holding bay (Patient receiving area into the OR) and said

“Fix That! Will you?”.

The observation monitor was lit up and was beeping like it was attached to a person, but it wasn’t. Stella smiled, as she had always known Celeste was very awake intuitively even if it was never mentioned. Stella couldn’t help herself.

“Fix what? What has been happening?” even though she could ‘see’ the altered vibration.

“Stella, it’s not funny”. Celeste was clearly upset. “About 2 weeks after you went away, this machine started turning itself on and I got the shivers every time I walked past. The shivers turned into cold chills and now! NOW it is like I am having ice picks hammered into me!”

“So, why haven’t you fixed it Celeste? The energy has just increased its vibration to you because you are aware. That simply cannot be ignored the universe knows and assistance is required here, so the gradual amplification of the vibration has quite simply been the universe’s way to ask for your assistance please!” Stella explained.

“This is what you do Stella, not me!” Celeste replied quite crossly.

Stella smiled inwardly, pondering on her own re awakening journey and how long she had remained in denial, not believing she was worthy of being able to interact with the ways of the universe.

She understood now how obstructive she had been both in her own growth and  also in the delay in being in service with the Divine.

“Well, I can’t do it today,” Stella replied.  “I need to have my ‘tools’ (to create a sacred space, music, crystals, herbs and candles) and time when there will be no interruption. I will come in to work early on Saturday and create a wee ceremony. We’ll see what happens then shall we?” Stella felt a blanket of love wrapping itself around her. She intuitively knew this was going to be quite a sacred ceremony. Her own human form was dancing with heightened anticipation at the prospect of the oneness she knew would be experienced. This particular day was a Thursday.

“I guess I can survive two more days”. Celeste groaned. “At least the ice picks have stopped now.”

Stella continued on to the tearoom to put her lunch in the fridge, pondering on what was to unfold on Saturday and also excited to again be marrying 2 aspects of her journey together. (In service for the universe at her mortal job!)

She found herself smiling frequently this day, and was quite pleased to be wearing a mask, so the width and frequency of her smile was not so obvious. She couldn’t however, keep the twinkling smiling eyes away from the observation of her co-workers, and more than once, this was commented on.

One of them even commented that if this was how one came back from a journey to Egypt perhaps everyone should go there.

Stella didn’t like to wish time to speed up, goodness knows, it was going fast enough on its own, but she was really, really looking forward to Saturday.

Before leaving work Friday afternoon, Stella went and sat quietly in the area known as the holding bay. She respectfully set her intention to be of service to whatever would be required the next morning, and she felt the vibration of gratitude from many beyond the veil flow around her. There was an air of ancient wisdom swirling slowly like a soft vibrational haze that the physical eye could not focus on. In fact if she tried, it simple vanished.

On arriving home, Stella went straight to her room to gather her tools. The crystals that wished to be part of this event were singing softly to her, making their facets shine and reflect rainbows towards her. The Tibetan healing bowl was humming without being touched, Stella was being guided very clearly in what was required. She lovingly packed these items into her basket, reflecting with a smile, that this process was somewhat similar to the process a surgeon would go through before performing major surgery. Then it was into the garden to gather some herbs, Rosemary for respect and remembrance and lavandar for love. Her excitement was again rising, nothing was being overlooked, the precision was there.

“What’s going on love?” John called down from the kitchen window. Stella had relayed on Thursday evening the interaction with Celeste, but these things never held in his memory. It was a superficial hearing at the time. As she started to retell the event, he recalled the conversation.

“Oh right, so you will be happy to get up early in the morning then, won’t you. If I remember right, I am sure you will be awake before the dawn! The first twitter of a bird will be all the alarm you need!” he jested with her,”I will get up with you and make your breakfast so you get a good start!”

Stella just radiated a smile up to her beloved Human man. While he had no understanding of the realms and inter dimensional worlds that wove and intertwined so succinctly in Stella’s knowingness and existence, he supported her as best he could.

In his own ways, he too was slowly evolving, but that was being firmly kept beneath John’s conscious awareness. However, not below Stella’s.

Stella could smell breakfast already started when she awoke to the song of the beautiful Kookaburra families that seemed to live with them. This morning they were all singing their dawn chorus out to each other, like they were calling out good morning to each other. One family would sing (or laugh as it sounds) their entire song before another family in another tree would sing their greetings. This morning was completed by the third family beginning their laugh as the second finished. They all came from different directions around her house. She stretched and lazily looked out the bedroom window, watching the wind play with the top branches of the trees, as the early pre dawn light created a surreal effect. Stella had much gratitude within her being. It was like Mother Nature was at one with her, or was that Stella was at one with Mother Nature and Gaia on this day. She got up and went out and stood on their front verandah. More gratitude washed through her. They were truly blessed with their private sanctuary in paradise, fifteen virgin acres of land overlooking the sugar cane fields in the foreground, beyond which the tropical Whitsunday coast line opened up and some little islands, part of the Great Barrier Reef, dotted the Coral Sea beyond. Feeling very blessed, she went inside and to the kitchen at the back of the house, to see Venus, the morning star, twinkling brightly in the awakening sky. Not only are we at one with Mother Nature, she thought, but at one with all that is, as she became aware of the etheric energies vibrating around her and caressing her with love, inside and out!

John had indeed prepared a beautiful breakfast of produce from their land, eggs from the girls(chickens) seasoned with fresh herbs, with straw-berries and mulberries to follow.

As Stella was driving into the hospital, she could feel all her ‘friends’ gathering. The trees on the drive seemed to wave at her and one even had a big heart shape in the center of the branches. Energetic vibrations were certainly increasing in frequency. Her beloved boat was flying above her car, and all friends from beyond the veil were on the deck ceremoniously reaching out to her in loving greetings. Stella felt at this moment, completely at one with her soul and beyond time itself. No boundaries at all. There was something else floating along with her boat, she couldn’t quite see, in any sense of seeing, what it was. It shimmered and was of pure high vibration of that Stella was certain she was a little intrigued.

‘All will be revealed in good time, Dear One!’ she heard the loving whisper in her heart centre.

She had lots of ‘time’ before it was time to commence her shift. Things really couldn’t be any more perfect than they were. She was acutely aware at this moment, that she was dancing the perfect steps to the universal dance of service with the Divine. There was no rehearsal, this was the grand event.

Stella drew the curtains across the front of the holding bay to keep this

ceremony as sacred and private as was required and cleared a space on the ledge to set up her altar. She smiled at herself for having a moment reflecting gratitude  for the fact that no emergency procedures were happening. What a silly thought that had been, as if the entourage of beings were going to let any physical event get in the way of this moment in time.

She created her set, soft music, lighted candle and crystals and herbs placed on the cloth she had brought in and she offered her self to the guidance of the greater ones that were conducting this orchestra.

Stella sat in respect and silence tuning in to the emptiness of the physical dimension that she was sitting in, with her back to the curtain.  Aware of the shimmering inter dimensional hue and mist that was appearing and the soft serenade of celestial music, suddenly, she felt a male energy rush past her, through the curtain and into the corridor. He bolted straight for Celeste’s office, Stella followed him in and telepathically spoke as she did so.

“Who are you?”

“Why are you staying here?”

The man looked at Stella, “Who are you?” he asked. “What are you doing? It is so bright in there. Where is the other light lady, she has a much softer glow than what you have. I am more comfortable with her, even if she does ignore me.”

“I don’t know what happened”, he continued, “The last thing I remember was being in that room (holding bay). I had been in an accident and I was going for an operation. I don’t even know if I had an operation. I am so lost!”

“The other Lady is Celeste.” Stella communicated to him, “she asked me to help you as she is not comfortable, nor does she wish to communicate with souls outside of their human form and that is her right!”

He acknowledged that he did understand this, but also expressed that he had no awareness of leaving his human form.

“Let’s go back to that room, shall we?” Stella encouraged and started walking back to the holding bay. The man followed quietly behind.

The Count (anaesthetist) was sitting next to the holding bay when they got there,

“I see you found him them!” he said with a knowing smile, “I am glad you are back, to weave your special form of magic, and do what is required!”

Stella just raised her eyebrows at him, intending to find out more about this later and why he hadn’t intervened. Right now however, her attention was required totally on this lost soul before her.

As Stella passed back through the curtain, she saw that her etheric soul family from all dimensions and time had gathered and were sitting along the wall holding space and energy. Her boat was hovering above vibrating and shimmering a delightful shade of cerulean blue. She could feel more than see the nets and ropes extending straight up to Electra. Whatever had been hidden from her earlier, behind her boat, was here too, still hidden from her sight. It was also floating and vibrating and draped, robed, shrouded in the most exquisite shimmering opalescent gossamer cloth with a kaleidoscope of pastel rainbows holding it in a cocoon like structure.

Many other beings began to appear and with them a soft swirling golden mist which illuminated them all and a rhythmical drumbeat was penetrating the air.

All were indigenous, like this man. Some he recognised and fell into a warm emotional embrace with as they surrounded him. His energy shifted from scared to peaceful. Other men came, of a higher energy than this man’s soul family, Stella recognised them as Elders and Medicine Men. Stella bowed in respect of these beings. She was beyond honoured to be a part of this sacred happening. One of the Elders put his etheric hand on Stella’s arm. He thanked her for coming to assist them and explained that their man had been blind to them. They had been here waiting, but he was frightened and did not know what had happened. All he could see was the other woman, who had a loving gentle energy around her and he became fixated on getting her attention.

“I am deeply humbled to be in service at this moment.” Stella whispered, with deep soul tears springing from her heart centre to her eyes.

“Do not humble yourself so, Dear one.” The Elder replied, “for without your ability to be on both sides of the veil, we would not be able to gather our kindred one and take him home.” She felt a loving eternal embrace of almost electric energy encompass her human form, but was also aware of her self expanding beyond this embrace.

“Our man was frightened by the light surrounding you and bolted away. He was never going to acknowledge us!”

” I am honoured to feel and see your forms. Usually, at times like this, my entourage come and assist the lost soul to join the inter dimensional boat and be taken home. It is nice to have his own kind escort him to the boat.” she said, “He would then be reunited with you all.” wondering why she felt her soul kindred chuckle at her as she communicated, surely they wouldn’t be disrespectful at a time like this. Spiritual humour is one thing, but at a time as sacred as this……her kindred heard her thoughts, of course, and acted with the immediate shift from humour, to respect. Stella exhaled deeply in relief.

“Ah, yes, My Dear, your inter dimensional solar boat, that you have journeyed many lifetimes with. Your bond is deep from the many incarnations you have in the land of Egypt.” the Elder stated. “Do not think the Egyptians were the only ones who used this vessel. They certainly sanctified the awareness of its existence, but it is for all.”

Stella made herself gaze upon this being with her physical eyes, there was a deep familiar feeling beginning to encompass her, but his glow was too bright for her eyes, so she quickly lowered them.

“Yes, beloved,” he whispered, “we are known to each other. We have journeyed together for a time, but only in the discarnate realms! I do not like to be separated from source and choose to always remain etheric. I honour you! Your bravery, your sacrifice. So much becomes obsolete to your knowingness when you descend to the third dimensional human form.”

“We wish to share with you, Dear one, look here,” he gestured towards the boat. As he did so the other elders and medicine men that had come through lined up facing each other, forming a guard of honour. Beyond them Stella saw an elaborate raft of glistening logs bound together with an indescribable twine that shimmered in its own energy, hovering in its own space, with a stream running upwards and beyond disappearing into the goldenness of the mist.

“Behold, our celestial boat, Stella do you see!” asked the Elder. Of course, it made perfect sense to Stella that all beings from around Gaia would indeed have their own inter dimensional vessel to escort their own kindred to the paradise.

Stella watched as the family escorted their loved one through the guard of honour and onto their raft, celebrating and rejoicing at their reunion. Following in after them the energy of the medicine men and elders went on board. The kaleidoscope of pastel rainbows softly began gathering around the raft again, and a wind gently began to blow.

“Deepest gratitude to you dear one, for all that you do!” said the elder that had been communicating with Stella. And with a wave of his arm his acknowledgement encompassed all of Stella’s friends and guides. To the sound of distant drum  and chanting voices he shimmered and glided off after their vessel.

Stella sat quietly for a few moments, blissfully aware of her inter dimensional entourage. As she sat giving her thanks and gratitude for the gift of serving that she had, she felt the shimmering love hug wrap itself around her shoulders and enjoyed the embrace of the Divine as she sat a little in awe of the experience she had just been through lost in the oneness that is!

Stella had no awareness of how long she had sat in that loving embrace until her conscious awareness returned and she found herself sitting alone in the holding bay with the curtains drawn behind her and her array of tools still set out on

the bench in front of her. She was acutely aware of the intense happiness that was vibrating through her entire being and the smile that was spread across her face as she packed all her tools gently back into her basket before seeking out The Count.

She didn’t have to look far.

The Count was waiting quietly in his office and called out to Stella as she walked past.

“Would you like to enlighten me?” he asked.

Stella looked at him in disbelief. “I would have thought that was my question.” she replied.

“What happened while I was away?” she asked. “That poor man obviously had no recollection of anything past the holding bay, yet he clearly knew he was having an operation following an accident!

And everyone keeps telling me no one died in this complex while I was away!”

“Slow down, Girl, breathe.” he said before going on to explain that there had indeed been a serious accident in her absence and a man had been brought in for surgery. Given all that he had just seen, it was quite possible that the one she had just assisted over was the same man, but he did not pass away in their hospital. He had been airlifted to a major hospital following surgery because his condition was so critical, and he had passed away there.

Stella looked at The Count for a long moment. Her mind was racing, synaptic connections were zinging and an awareness was creeping over her.

 “Does that mean,” she said, “that the neuroleptic agent we give people prior to surgery blocks their awareness from recognising the fact that they have transitioned?”

The Count looked at Stella for an equally long moment.

“It would seem so,” he said, “but we are hardly likely to be able to do an audit on that now are we?” He chuckled and Stella laughed.

“Can you imagine the reaction to that question from the executives, ‘you want to do a study on WHAT?'” she could hear them spluttering.

The work phone rang. It was time to return to mortal reality and return her attention to her nursing role.

The rest of the weekend passed very smoothly, with very few emergencies coming through for surgery, which was nice as it allowed the energy to settle.

Monday morning, she walked through the doors into the theatre suite and both her bosses, Celeste and Kate, are standing there with huge smiles on their faces.

“Thanks!” said Kate, “It is much lighter in here!” Celeste just nodded, her smile getting bigger, “And warmer!” she added after a moment.

Stella walked to the change rooms, smiling herself, pondering on whether they knew what they were really saying when they used the word lighter!

It dawned on Stella the next morning, that situations like what had just occurred could potentially be prevented in the new hospital, if they got in before the internal walls were erected and strategically put grids and activators into the skeletal framework of the building. An etherical wiring system if you like. This thought made her chuckle to herself. She was glad she was in the shower, otherwise she would need to explain her thought to John.

But she did mention it to Kate when she got to work. She in turn thought it was a great idea and sent an email off to the project officer.

By lunchtime Kate had come to Stella and told her that the project officer had no idea what she was asking and refused to give permission.

Stella, feeling a little deflated, replied, “Well, there are far too many security cameras on that building site and it is too dangerous to sneak in at night and do something on this scale! Oh Dear!”

Kate patted her on the shoulder and said, “What a great idea though! Thank you.”

Stella didn’t ponder on it too much. She had long learnt that if things were meant to happen, they would find a way. Besides, the Health Department wasn’t going to purchase the crystals. She would have been using hers.

A few weeks later, Stella noticed a missed call on her phone from a private number. She intuitively knew it was from her work, but didn’t call back as she was due to commence her shift within the hour.

Kate called out to her from her office as Stella walked through the main doors. “Stella! Yes!” she exclaimed excitedly.

Stella had forgotten about her offer momentarily, “But the internal walls go in on Monday, so we have to do it tomorrow afternoon! Can you bring them in? Do you have enough?” . . . . . .